Millennium Rosso

This wine results from a mix of Barbera d'Asti (80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) belonging to careful selection. The maceration process has been long, in order to allow a good extraction of tannins which guarantee an adequate structure to a wine whose aging will take place in wooden barrels.

Aging is done in new small barrels, made of wood French forests Allier and Tronçais, both fine-grained and medium roasted, not to cover the scent of vanilla and the "vinosity" of the product, but able to assert the right ripeness, harmony and roundness of this particular and unique wine.

The wine has a garnet color, clear with purple reflections.

With a spicy scent, yet winey and fruity, mixed with hints of aging, the vanilla and roasting aroma, in mouth the Millennium unfolds a good and harmonious structure, with a considerable body enhancing the ethereal feeling of the beautiful and persistent aftertaste.

The product has a limited diffusion, as it is a single and particular reserve.

Producer suggestion

Millennium is an elegant wine, aristocratic, to be consumed with red meats, braised game, grilled meats and very seasoned or spicy cheese(s).

It is served at a temperature of 18 ° C, making sure to uncork some hours before.

T: 18°C / Alc. 14% / 750 ml - 1500ml


in bott. of 0.75lt and in bott. of 1.5lt packed in wooden fire stamped box.