In the waves of the sea of green hills that are the pride of Piedmont wine, the is Tenuta Sardi. The business centre is situated at 400 metres above sea level, in a hilly area of average slope, located between the low and the high Langhe Monferrato (Piedmont best winegrowing areas). The sea wind, known as "marin" blowing for several days a year in this area creates a microclimate that favours the ripeness of the grapes exalting the aromatic characteristics. The total surface is of about 30 hectares of vineyard, only because all the wines are produced only with grapes produced by the company itself.

Conduction is familiar, assisted only by skilled workers in the wine sector, thus enabling a more meticulous and strict control of quality. For some years now, the company has signed up to a draft EEC semi-agriculture (echo compatible), so in full respect of nature and being able to guarantee under all aspects the absolute authenticity of the products. The general philosophy is to serve the customer, those flavors typical of the area, as well as develop naturally and in no way forced or exalted with nontraditional methods and characteristic.

To make the concept of global quality, our company requires the highest even in products that "surround", wine bottles are used in anti-PROCESSED glass (UV rays) that prevent a possible alteration of the product, the caps are in original Sardinian Cork before selection, sterilized injection of ozone and certificates, and packaging are triple-layer carton to ensure a good heat insulation and then a good preservation.