Cav. Silvio Sardi

Cav. Silvio Sardi, born 29 May 1912 in Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI) pioneer founder of the distribution of natural gas in Italy after the war as a partisan spent, along with other entrepreneurs of the "razza padrona" built the first distribution networks of natural gas in the Padana valley, founding important natural gas company 'which Estigas, Italcogim, Cogim, Metanifera Martesand and many others, then in later years sold in what later will be' giant in the field called "ITALGAS".

Was a close friend with Enrico Mattei and Pella (later Prime Minister). Had expanded its activities' in building construction, real estate, and agriculture in Piedmont.

In Piedmont, was also involved in politics, having been for several mandates Mayor of Salussola the outskirts of Biella and very active in the national leaders of the Christian Democrats.

Appossianate of the Piedmont traditions, in Piedmont creates some farms that produce wines, meats and rice for their own use or to give as Christmas gifts to employees, suppliers, customers of his companies and his friends.