Barbera d’Asti Barricato D.O.C.G.

Made with a selection of grapes Barbera, following a process aimed to "prepare" it aging in barrels magnifying at the most all of its properties related to structure and body.

The aging in wood lasts ten months on average, in a basement space where a constant temperature throughout the year is maintained (16/18°C).

In this period, Barbera is very delicate and it is very important to let it "quiet" to rest, with no light and vibration. Daily checks of barrels storage and hygiene conditions are however essential, as well as of their content of course, which is repeatedly tasted and chemically analyzed every fortnight. In this stage, the wine matures and becomes more harmonious and "round" while mitingating the typical characteristics of young wines at the same time more complex characteristics grow.

A further refinement step in bottle takes place then for at least a couple of months: in this phase the wine recovers from the "shock" suffered in the bottling procedure and form the so-called "bottle flavors".

The final product is a full-bodied wine with a soft and pleasant tannic texture giving it a truly unique structure; flavors are intense, persistent and yet slightly fruity.

Producer suggestion

An aristocratic wine, to be consumed with red meats, braised meats, game, grilled meats and very seasoned or spicy cheese.

Serve at a temperature of 16-18° C making sure to uncork one hour before.

T: 16-18°C / Alc. 14% / 750 ml - 1500ml


in bott. of 0.75lt and in bott. of 1.5lt packed in wooden fire stamped box.