Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G.

The history of Barbera is very old, although the first “official” traces of this great product date back only to 1600.
His first poetic singer was Giosuè Carducci, describing it as "generous Barbera" able to make the drinker feel strong, with obvious reference to the alcohol content and the fullness of this nectar of Bacchus.

Indigenous grape from Piedmont, it is processed according to rules that, starting right from the grapes, are aimed to contain the level of acidity, particularly annoying if poorly vinified.

It is thus necessary selecting smallest and sparse bunches and cropping them in summertime to ensure an excellent ripening, as well as complete biosynthesis of tannic substances responsible of its body structure and therefore of its longevity.

The maceration process is long and very sensitive to climatic conditions, temperature, pressure and temperature changes, which is the reason that repeated checking are required, as well as specific devices in the cellar in order to regain a more full-bodied wine, with a fruity taste, harmonious and intense.

Producer suggestion

It goes well with red meats, baked fish, mushroom dishes or sautéed, and very seasoned and tasty cheese.

It is served at a temperature of 16/18° C. making sure to uncork one hour before.

T: 16-18°C / Alc. 13% / 750 ml