Asti is the sweet aromatic sparkling wine par excellence, born exclusively from the white muscat grape. It is characterized by a musky aroma and flavor, with an immediate fragrance and a balanced and natural amiability, combined with a moderate alcohol content. Its scent is rich and intense with sensations that refer to acacia flowers, to wisteria and orange, to mountain honey with a background of spices that refers to elder flowers, achillea, bergamot. Many are the factors that contribute to "building" the uniqueness of the Asti are the climate, the composition of the land, the exposure of the vineyard, the health of the grapes, the techniques of cultivation and harvesting, even the winemaker who practice.

Then there is the winery factor as vinification, transformation, research, sparkling wine and winemaking techniques are among the main reasons for the strong connotations that make this sparkling wine unique in the world. The secret lies in keeping fragrant and intact the original aroma of the white muscat grapes, preserving a balance of intensity where the sweet sensation matches the freshness and intensity of the taste. The color is from straw yellow to very faint golden.


A dessert wine par excellence with a variety of combinations. Serve at a temperature of 6-8 C.

T: 6-8°C / Alc. 6.5% / 750 ml